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Attended San Diego State University in San Diego, California.  

Majored in Woodworking with a focus on CAD and CNC.


Bachelors of Fine Arts

Graduate of the Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR.

Majored in Woodworking with a Minor in Drawing.

Jon Bonser


artist, craftsman, musician

"Much respect to the multi talented Jon Bonser. 4 months ago we discussed the coolest left handed guitar in the world and he made it for me.  I'm extremely proud to be the very first owner of Bonser Instrument's first of many guitars...did our first rehearsal tonight she sounded and felt amazing." - Lando Martinez, Hocus


"So I picked up this beautiful baby (bass cabinet) from The Bonser Custom Shop tonight. Can't wait to try this Baby out.  You know when you get something you have wanted for a very long time and if comes true. This is the first part of one of those. Next is the Amp. I was so happy a tear rolled down my cheek." - Trips Juardo, Little Dove


"Shout out to Jon Bonser. I bought a 2x12 open back off him last night. 1 Vintage 30 / 1 Greenback loaded open back cab, my intended usage is to marry a Vox AC 4 head with it for recording but I'm sure other applications will be utilized. Jon builds these right here in SD, CA & the workmanship is flawless, give him a look see & screw Guitar Center Shack Home Depot Lowes thing." - Michael Anthony  


"Jesus, this little monster makes my Vox Ac30 sound like a wheezy waste of time." - Brian Reilly, The New Kinetics




A multi-talented woodworker and musician, Jon Bonser has been building musical instruments since 2003.  Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Jon moved to San Diego in 2008 to hone his skills in woodworking and the fine arts.  After building amps and guitars for members of his two bands, he began crafting custom gear for other San Diego musicians.  His quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is well-known amongst the San Diego music community.  

Clients include:


Brian Reilly of The New Kinetics

Leslie Schultze of Flaggs

Alexandra Pratt of Soft Lions

Megan Liscomb of Soft Lions

Lando Martinez of Hocus

Trips Juardo of Little Dove

Soft Lions 


Video:  Earth Energy


The New Kinetics


Video:  Riffle Raff

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