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Custom guitar tube amps and cabinets.  Built to order to your specifications.  Tolex, grill cloth, circuts, and cabinets are all customizable.  Choose a classic circut or one can be personally designed with you in mind.  

30 Watt Monster

30w tweed style circuit, all NOS tubes, p12n Almico Jensen 12" speaker, NOS radio grill cloth.  Solid pine finger-jointed painted cabinet.



Bass Cabinet

2x15 Bass Cabinet.  Sealed.  Eminence Speakers.  



Piggy Back Amp

Based on a Silvertone 1484 single channel.  A 2x10 sealed cabinet with octal preamp tubes and a hand-polished chassis.  Celestion G10 speakers.  Covered with cream colored tolex and grill cloth.  



TV Amp

Based on a Silvertone 1483 single channel.  Solid Mahogany cabinet with milk painted mid century modern legs.  Polished aluminum chassis and vintage stereo knobs.  Vintage Jensen C12Q speaker.




Single channel Supro Thunderbolt.  NOS tubes.  Tung-sol 5881s and octal preamp tubes.  2x10 Jensen speakers (C10R and P10R).  

Walnut top and bottom with wrap around NOS grill cloth from an old jukebox.



Keyboard Amp

100w 3 way cabinet with 4 6L6's based on the Showman circuit and designed for an electric piano.



Guitar Cabinet

1x15 speaker cabinet with a vintage Jensen P15N.  Handmade leather fittings, handles, and straps.  Back converts to create a sealed, or vented, or open cabinet.  Covered in lacquered genuine tweed with a laser cut grill.  



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